The Influence of Early America. The classicizing impulse of the first decades of the new Republic and the early decades of the twentieth century remain the most consistent source for our designs for our new houses. A reliance on a careful consideration of site issues, a clear and rational spatial organizations, and the use of traditional architectural elements has made these designs the favorite of clients. Historically inspired building elements are employed as necessary components of the overall design, and not applied as pastiches, imbuing our houses with a rigor and authenticity worthy of our clients' ambitions.

Even more modest projects like this suburban house are given careful study by our office with no component being unimportant.

Colonial Farmhouse

Influences from the Pennsylvania country-side shaped this modern rendition of a colonial style farmstead.

Simple, elegant details communicate the essence of this design.

All exterior and interior elements are integrated by a consistent overall design that is a reflection of each owner's unique vision.

The Influence of Europe. In addition to regional and national sources for our designs, the architecture of Europe, especially Italy, France, and England continue to function as a fountainhead of ideas. The joy in our endeavor is in selecting and translating the most suitable models from the past that excites the imagination, yet fully satisfies the functional requirements.

Contributing to the Italian feeling is this fountain with its cast stone head of Zephyrus, the West Wind, from Greek mythology.

Italianate Style

Inspired by the Renaissance villas of rural Italy, we have designed houses such as this with terracotta roof tiles, groin-vaulted loggia, and custom cast stone elements including an elaborate entry portico.

Interior custom millwork and cabinetry, such as this richly articulated walnut bar and back bar, are designed for both functionality and elegance.

Exterior elements, such as these custom cast stone volutes and portico, cedar eave outriggers, and walnut doors are carefully detailed.

Additions, Renovations, and Interiors

In addition to the design of new buildings, our office specializes in renovating and adding to existing buildings, such as this design for a French Neo-Classical design for a new ballroom in custom plaster elements and wood parquet floor.

Site Planning

In addition to assisting owners in the selection of suitable building sites, we take great pains in ensuring that each new house takes full advantage of the site's natural features.

From Design to Execution

Every project from the large custom home to the small renovation or addition involves the same attention to detail. Proceeding systematically from design sketches, to development drawings, to the actual construction documents that will be used in pricing and constructing the project, with each step, the process relies on a close collaboration of architect and client to ensure satisfaction with all the elements.